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Why men serum is the best for men skincare routine and how to use it.



MOLIAE Beauty Face Serum Men Beauty


Learn what is a men serum and why men need to include it into their men skincare routine. A men's serum is designed to get essential nutrients and ingredients into your face's deepest skin layers. That's where cellular repair and turn-over occurs the most. Skin cells are prone to inflammation and free radicals at the cellular level that most products are unable to help fight at a deeper level, thats where a real good serum comes into play to assist you in reaching that level for optimum results.


First, checklist, do you need a men face serum?  🌿

  • Are you happy with your current skin care results of our current routine of products? If yes, then a serum for men would just be an extra layer of fantastic-ness! If not, then keep reading King, we got you.
  • Want to really improve your face skin, especially dullness, dryness, skin issues that won’t go away, acne around the lips or nose, looking older than you are or just want to look more youthful, natural, classic King?
  • Looking for something you can do that is easy and it does the rest what your skin needs? Then, absolutely, a serum is for you it is a Powerhouse in ‘giving your skin’ the essential nutrients your face needs to repair fully and deeper, the main take away; serums helps on the ‘cellular skin layer’ for a deeper healing and nourishing effect for younger, healthier appearance, as well as any recurring bacteria rooted issues from acne, to bumps or skin discoloration; it gets to the root of it. That’s what you want to maintain your men skincare routine.


What is a men serum?

It is the cream of cream of men skincare to go deeper into the cellular level of men to heal, protect, and regrowth facial skin that brings back your youthfulness. In this aspect, serums for men offer a way to bring out the best skin on a more consistent level due to the cellular aspect of the men serum. Most men skin are known to be different than for women texture so the concentrated of serum are different and require a different formula blend.

| Serums provide the repair required for earl on signs of aging, in our MOLIAE Beauty Face Serums for men we added in a lot of enrich nutrients as well DMAE-MSM that is the most current skincare industry ingredient to amplify the years ago to deeper skin enhancing cellular level effect. |


MOLIAE Beauty Face Serums


| What is the difference from using a moisturizer or hydrating creams for men? Moisturizers and Hydrating creams can do great things, they are more of a protective skin measure, and some can penetrate the upper skin layers and keep your skin hydrating with a barrier above the skin to lock in the moisture which is needed as environments you are in or your age-line can dry out the skin causing more skin issues |


Face serums are extremely specialized for the main purpose to be highly concentrated, lightweight, and very fast absorbing for the face skin and best to use at night as that is when the overall body goes into repair mode. Don’t’ you want the best resources to use to ‘amply’ that natural automatic process? Of course, and that is where men serum comes into play with that formula blend of ingredients to deeper penetrate in do the wonderfulness it was designed for ultimate results.


-| 🌴

The usual men skincare routine is wash, moisturizer, and maybe a toner or something else and repeat. When a serum for men is included in their routine, men change their gameplan big-time and they look and feel younger and their skin is happier. What to look 20 years younger or just feel happy about your face skin? Add in a good face serum into your men skincare routine and it will change your whole life outlook.



Further, serums are different from the usual facial hydrating creams and moisturizers because their overall intent is to provide a deeper cellular amplified way of healing, or as we like to say here your luxury healing as it is always a pleasure taking care of ourselves, selfcare might have to be a routine, but we should enjoy that process and love the fact we are taking care our bodies that our mind gives us much peace; so one of our motto’s  “you deserve this luxury healing” and to reap the benefits.


MOLIAE Beauty Face Serum


Why should men consider using a face serum for their skincare routine?

When we look to what is a serum and how men can use face serums, the main point it is to their advantage of self-care, men skincare routine, thus, we are understanding that serum is really different and needed, beyond using a moisturizer or a hydrating cream.

Although, they both are needed during the day etc., the serums’ purpose is that it a lightweight to fast penetrate skin for quick absorption easier.

It leaves the needed active ingredients in, as we like to say as well, anybody can gather ingredients, but it is in the recipe the brings forth the formula blend of how to use those ingredients to produce the item.

Our formula is from Ancient Egypt and modern formulation blend, that we aim to bring you the healing effect you need in natural and organic skincare of luxury essential oils.


MOLIAE Beauty Face Serum


How to use a men’s face serum?  💦

1) Exfoliate your skin is always good to do on a weekly basis to remove the old skin for a good layer skin on top

2) Wash the face skin and neck we recommend, dry your face, use a cotton fabric if you can absorb moisture quickly and efficiently

3) Apply the serum on your face and massage it in on the t-zone (your forehead and down your nose to your chin an well as around your eyes and eyelids, and down your cheeks near both sides of your nose, really work those lymph nodes (the jade roller can be use by men as well that is main use to use after putting on a face serum to really flush out toxins and at the same time apply a good serum on your face for deeper application on a cellular layer)


✨Tip: if you using the serum and want to try a moisturizer, do the serum first, however, in most serums, as in ours “MA’at Milk Gold for Kings” we already put in our formula moisturizer so you don’t really need one it is all included.


Your main takeaway using a men serum or not? 🌳

If you need a healthier facial look or to heal breakage of bacteria that forms in acne or other skin issues, or your skin is not in balance too dry or too oily, or you just want to look and feel younger, than a serum is a must in our men skincare routine.

Serum’s purpose is to leave the active ingredients left in the skin on a cellular level making the overall face serum for men a fantastic real powerhouse potent skin care product, thus, a highly concentrated, lightweight, and fast-absorbing formula.


Don’t you deserve that luxury healing? We do of the King in you. 👊🏽

Try our men face serum. Transform your men skincare routine.








Until next time.

MOLIAE Beauty Blog Team.

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