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⭐ Blue Nile "Atum" - Body Oil Spray

⭐ Blue Nile "Atum" - Body Oil Spray

⭐ Blue Nile "Atum" - Body Oil Spray

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Heavenly citrus aroma of cool breeze in the Blue Nile collection "Atum" that flourishes themes of creation for the bountiful through the mist of the power of water.  Refreshing essential oils blend to enrich your skin of finest essential oils. The "Atum" body oil spray is apart of our Blue Nile Collection that hones on more coast citrus fruit with Orange Blossom as a blend of flowers, woodsy scent, and nutrient rich Avocado oil.

The "Atum" Body Oil Spray provides you with:

✅ moisturizing for profound nutrient rich for that skin glow

✅ organic, vegan for soothing effect on your whole body - cleanse. tone. hydrate

✅ essential oils of anti-inflammatory prevention and cell regeneration

✅ anti-bacterial and anti-fungal with Vitamin C and Vitamin E

✅ helps to reduce scars, fine lines, acne prone skin


Get your yours today!  And refresh your whole body as though in the waters of Blue Nile!



"This is awesome and I have recommended this to my family and friends. It soothes my skin and it glows healthy since in a long time."

Helen R.

"OMG!! The whole family love this. It is amazing and the scent aroma is like your near the Nile river! It is amazing, I will get more."

The Addis Family

"The collection is awesome the ability to use with cleanser, body oil, and this gives a overall good skin healing effect working together!"

Natural Organic Vegan
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