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MOLIAE Beauty Bingo Game



Welcome to our monthly bingo, we are starting on Wednesday, January 17th at 7pm EST.


We will start calling out the bingo words and numbers during this hour. If you want to play you had to subscribe to our enewsletter before tonight.

 We are now live starting for the next hour. If you get BINGO, email a picture of your card to info@moliaebeauty.com. Continue to refresh as the calls will come every a few mins up to 5 mins for the next 40-60mins or until someone gets bingo and there could be more than one person. :) 


1st call: MOLIAE

2nd call: 3

3rd call: Rulers

4th call;  Spa

5th call;  2

6th call;  Skin

7th call;  1

8th call;  Kings

9th call;  Pyramids

10th call; Ankh

11th call; 7

12th call; 18

13th call; Healing

14th call; 11

15th call; Egypt

16th call; 43

17th call; 14

18th call; 38

19th call ; 22

20th call; 8

21th call; Serums

22th call; Luxur


 *If you got bingo email us your card. We thank you for participating in this Bingo. The next bingo game will be announce where we announce it in our enewletters by subscribing as well as to SMS enters you into the virtual room to participate. 


Thank you for those that played, we appreciate you all! Until next bingo game!




It is our virtual online bingo game where you could win free merchandise of MOLIAE Beauty! discounts, special deals, and even free shipping!


How to play? Easy; subscribe to our enewletter list and you are on the list to get the link to our virtual bingo game room that automatic reveals your Bingo Card.

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Day of the event, on this page will be the called numbers and words, if you got the winning bingo, the prize will be sent and when you will receive it once your information is verified.






MOLIAE Beauty Bingo January 24

We got some AWESOME DEALS, playing our bingo!

MOLIAE BEAUTY BINGO GAME online to win FREE product(s) and huge discounts on anything in our store with FREE SHIPPING!


1) First, be apart of our enewsletter family anywhere on our website or just by below send us a message by completing the below form typing the following: "Yes MOLIAE Bingo Game" to get on game enewsletter email list for *exclusive game access" details as well on new products.

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2) Day of the event, the link is through our enewsletter to an exclusive already subscribed members that is free to sign up to join. You will get your bingo card by clicking on an exclusive link access to our online virtual bingo game room. The day of the event, you will refresh this page to get the calls of numbers and words to play your bingo card of our game.

3) Winners will have their prizes either products items shipped out within 14 business days or sooner or prizes of huge discounts off  MOLIAE Beauty products up to 20-45% off items or even a price for *FREE Shipping.


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