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You Deserve Luxury Healing. Our Natural Organic Essential Oils Heals, Beautify|🎁 Free Shipping on eligible purchases* 🎁

Khonsu Royal Soap enhances body cleansing with Bergamot and Banana Essential and why you should get it

With any body cleanse, the need for a good organic, natural bar soap s essential for the best outcome of achieving moisturizing skin and softness. Our Khonsu bar soap for men is a specialized formula blend hones traditions of Ancient Egypt luxury healing ingredients, especially, for Kings as their daily activities can be without moisturizing the body that is imperative for youthful and well put together in terms of clear, blemishes as those signs can be on the his legs and arms, etc. Bergamot has many helpful benefits in this bar of soap for Men.


| History Fact: Khonsu was a well known and very popular King in Ancient Egypt and very successful as well as a strong leader, in this bar of his legacy you will also be tapping into the over successful energy of strong leader and prosperity. |

|Our Khonsu Soap is apart of the "King In Me" Collection |


MOLIAE Beauty Khonsu Bar Soap



Lets take a look with Bergamot first and proceed thereafter discussing how Banana Essential in this royal soap furthers the beneficial factors for you to buy you some bars and get our healthy skin glow Kingship onward. 

Well, Bergamot is well known for aromatherapy, in our blend we wanted to provide that as well in our other products that here at MOLIAE Beauty, we aim to provide a soothing experience in an every day routine activity but with luxury and Bergamot delivers that hands down. Bergamot is also known for acne reduction and for healing small wounds on the skin. Most men have busy work life and /or businesses and can get wounds on the body, therefore, by using our men soap you get the additional benefits to cleans the body plus to heal the body that normally will go unattended as men mostly in the objective to cleanse and done. With our Khonsu soap, the Bergamot plays an important blend role to give you a nutrient rich experience as though at a luxury spa but at home for either sensitive skin or not it adapts to the needs of your body. 

Bergamot is also great for the hair, so in a hurry or want to be efficient as you are busy King :), Bergamot helps to tam, soften, and moisturize your hair, beard, etc., that it is all covered.  Bergamot in our bar soap of Khonsu helps in irritated scalp for a beneficial wash. Bergamot is known for great melody of blends with Tea Tree and we applied that in our formula blend that will releases anxiety and fatigue.


Just think after a long day at work, you use our Khonsu Soap and it literally washes away your stress, fatigue and aromatherapy just right to soothe your mood for a lovely and well rested sleep, no what King doesn't what that ? Well, get it today and it ships real quick. Buy here:

 MOLIAE Beauty Royal Soaps

Another wonderful ingredient in our Khonsu Soap is Banana Essential oil, that we will do more analysis for your review how powerful a banana can be for your skin, mood, and overall frame of mind with many beneficial aspects in our MOLIAE Beauty Ancient Egypt blends. As Banana Essential oil has the overall peel, seed, and formulation that gives you moisturized skin, no more dullness or ashyness as banana essential oil in our blends helps you to relieve of damaged skin with unsightly scar marks and/or splotchy on the by smoothing that out.


So basically, you wash with our bar Khonsu Bar soap and your body skin as a King will love you, including your feet as Banana is very good on thick skin as the feet. With just one bar you can take care of your whole body, with our bars lasting u to a month depending on usage so you get your value 10xfold.


Get your Khonsu bar soap today! 



Until Next Time,

Bathe with the Best of our Royal Soaps.

Fit for KINGS.


MOLIAE Beauty Staff Writer Team


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