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⭐ The King In Me Beard and Lip Balm

The King Beard Balm | Coconut Lip Beard Balm | MOLIAE Beauty

⭐ The King In Me Beard and Lip Balm

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The Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil with Shea Butter as well as Bees-wax blend assists in moisturizing a man beard for a luxurious type feel and manageability. Vitamin E and Essential Oils of Peppermint assist in the moisturizing concept for both the beard and lip to sustain the environment during the day or night-time. Size 2oz. per one.

Our Beard and Lip Balm provides you with:

✅ moisturizing deeply to reduce dry, peeling, damaged for skin 

✅ luxurious body cream for the beard and lip in one container

✅ hydrates and heals with anti-inflammatory properties of cocoa butter

✅ healing properties with essential oils infused

✅ nutrient rich of Vitamin E added

Get yours today! Our prime directive for Men seeking soothing elements of Mother Nature on their lips - to proactively heal dryness, lip skin peeling flakes, breakage of lip cellular by using our lip balm deliver core essential oils and bees-wax from ancient usage for effective results.


"This is awesome and I have recommended this to my family and friends. It soothes my skin and it glows healthy since in a long time."

Helen R.

"OMG!! The whole family love this. It is amazing and the scent aroma is like your near the Nile river! It is amazing, I will get more."

The Addis Family

"The collection is awesome the ability to use with cleanser, body oil, and this gives a overall good skin healing effect working together!"

Natural Organic Vegan

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