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Why whipped body cream is the best for men dry skin verse body lotion for skincare routine



It is very hard to keep moisturized skin throughout the day, especially, in climates that dries out the skin constantly. Men should consider using more of a body cream that satisfies the daily need for moisturizing the overall body. Using a good body cream is essential to seal in the nutrients of the ingredients to sustain the moisture for a healthy skin.

Do you suffer from constant dry hands, feet, overall body? Does your hand seem so dry and brittle bruises or skin breakages on the hands or feet or any other places?

Well, you should consider a good whipped body cream as men has dry skin and requires the nutrient enrichment to go deep into the skin layers for a smoother, soft, and healthy hands, feet, face and overall body. It is good for men because it seals the moisture after fresh bath or shower and quickly to apply to men skin. You want to consider the natural ingredients in a whipped body cream that assists in antioxidants, super moisturizing and clearing any skin blemished.

At MOLIAE Beauty, we have three main whipped body creams: "Royalty Gold" of the Aspu Gold Collection, the "Kingo Rays" of the Blue Nile River Collection and "Heset Lumin" of the Emerald Palace Collection that has natural organic for men skincare routine for a lasting healing effect.

In the Kingo Rays whipped body cream there are three top reasons to use for good men skincare using body cream vs body lotion:

 1. It is refreshing and cooling effect while hydrating the skin with natural blueberries seed oil.

2. Vitamin C in Mangos essential hydrates the skin, boosts elasticity and our organic Mango essential oils 

3. Sealing moisture within the skin as in men hands, feet, elbows with our shea butter provides for less brittleness and skin breakage.






 In all, a whipped body cream is great the body, the natural organic ingredients helps because body cream for dry skin seals in the nutrients for long lasting healthy results. Especially, for men that skin tends to dry over a period of time due to not using enough or more often some type of organic body cream.The whipped body cream vs lotion is more suitable as more than so whipped body as in, Kingo Rays, does contain natural ingredients, such as, organic Blueberries Seed Oil, Mangos, and Shea Butter that are all beneficial for men skincare routine. 

You want to consider a natural organic body cream, as the whipped body cream vs lotion relates to what is the more amplified of nutrients needed for deep healing of the skin that shows thru of healing the skin and not needing to reapply or adding in more to heal skin breakage. Kingo Rays whipped body cream amplify and healing effect with natural organic ingredients for a long lasting effect by utilizing the ability to seal in moisture that is healthy for the skin to breathe and vibrancy, especially, for males that tend to not use any cream or lotion not as often of either options. Body cream is great for skincare as it is naturally refreshing to the skin because it's super cooling and moisturizing effectiveness. It cools and hydrates your skin for freshness with antioxidants as in our Kingo Rays utilizing the natural effect of Blueberries Seed oil and Mangos Essential oils helps to amplify the antioxidant.





Within our Kingo Rays whipped body cream we have our natural Shea butter in this formula blend that boosts skin moisture and having the properties for soothing men skincare problems. It heal cuts and scrapes, fights breakouts, and has antiaging properties along with Mango essential oil with high on Vitamin C making it a great way to support skincare health. Vitamin C helps to keep the skin more subtle, softer preventing skin breakage of hands, feet or other parts of the body providing a more healthy looking, through each skin layers that can improve skin hydration and keep the skin moisturized.


Until next time.


MOLIAE Beauty Blog Team

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