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New Product Launch | Body Glow oil Introducing "Pyra Gold" with 24kt Gold leaflets and Orginal Argan Oil

NEWS! Product Launch 1/22/2024 | PreOrder Now | Our new first overall body glow oil "Pyra Gold" that is apart of our MOLIAE Gold Aspu Collection is with 24kt Gold leaflets to infuse the power of using GOLD as a beauty regime like Ancient Egyptian Kings and Queens did to stay and look much healthier.  Engulf yourself within Moroccan Argan Oil and Sandalwood Hydrosol of a light fragrance that you deserve with hydro-mist that transforms your skin into something extraordinary with ancient Gold remedies of luxury healing. Natural Gold Glow from the authentic 24kt Gold leaflets to the Frankincense Oil amused with Moroccan Argan oil and Amber that that brings forth wellness to your inner and outer self that equals; to your glow. whenever.

 It ships in 2weeks from launch date.



| "Pyra Gold" is an exceptional Body Oil Spray with Sandalwood Hydrosol that is known since ancient times for men and women to transform your skin expediently to a refreshing cool mist of the oasis of Egyptian to reduce scars, fine lines, acne prone skin and assists in minimizing fine lines, eczema, rosacea or any skin issues for a nice finish touch. |

Everybody wants to look and feel fabulous, and our new line within the MOLIAE GOLD Aspu Collection provides that with our signature formula "Pyra Gold" hones on the beautification of Gold infused with Moroccan Argan Oil with Pomegranate as a superpower remedies blend to amplify your skin layers from yor face to your toes, this overall body glow oil is the one to brings you a melody of luxury and soothing comfort after a bath or whenever.






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