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How to have long lasting moisterized skin

We all want our skin to look the very best. Sometimes we can not do that when our lives are so busy, especially, in today's climate where to be ready to go we need prep phase in nurturing out skin. Even when we are home-bound, the task is overwhelming on what's needed to fix our individual skin needs for glowing, smooth, and vibrant young looking skin. Try these tips to get back what you always want - to look your best!


1 Get some rest. Take power naps. No matter what product you are using or being told to use without sufficient sleep nothing will work. Think of your body as a machine of compartments that everything is tied together and must rest together to function.

 2 Eat your veggies. No really eat your veggies. Pick two. Celery and Broccoli is awesome for the skin and keeps you alkaline.

3. Drink water. Leave the sodas alone. Go do a fast without sugary drinks for a day. Then move to week and a month. And watch your skin start to glow like you are the star act about to walk out and show your best self.

4. Get you some great body oils, face oils, and a serum. Who got the  most vibrant and nutrient rich body's oils blends? You got it, us at MOLIAE Beauty - get you that royalty bottle of "Ankh Ra 360" and call it a day. And you will see the change in your skin, your mood, heck your whole life outlook because the our aroma blend is from the ancients bestow to bless you too. You got to get you that GOLD in the Bottle our signature body oil.

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