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New Product Launch: Top reasons on why to buy the new King In Me "THOTH" Sea Salt Spray


Introducing the new product launch apart of "The King In Me" Collection | "THOTH" Sea Salt Body Spray Men to quickly revitalize their skin with sea minerals as those of a luxury spa at home or on the go by using "THOTH" that's totally unique. And here are the top 3 list of things that will help your skin, body, and mood: 


1. Soothes Skin, improves elasticity, synergy the hair with moisture

2. Moisturizing quickly to relieve dry, oily skin, revitalize smoothness

3. Healing the skin, tones up the skin, softens hands, mineral enrich


Use these top 3 reasons to buy this new product next week!

Our Himalayan Sea Salt reduces redness, itchiness, and irritation. And also known for its ability to absorb dirt and toxins from the skin, moisturize dry skin, and reduce inflammation. The Banana Essential Oil soothes inflammation and irritation while reducing appearances of scarring and balance skin's natural moisture oil production and additionally it wont clog your pores.



Sandalwood oil helps nourish the skin, improve the elasticity of skin cells, even out skin tone. Because of these qualities, it can be beneficial in reducing the appearance of scars and skin discoloration. Sea moss is in our "THOTH" even offers a promising path for those grappling with breakouts and helps ease breakouts and supports balanced oil production. And may also support the skin's natural ability to heal and rejuvenate itself.

Preorder yours now for best sale price before launch date on 1/1/2024.


Until next time,



MOLIAE Beauty Blog Team

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