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You Deserve Luxury Healing. Our Natural Organic Essential Oils Heals, Beautify|🎁 Free Shipping on eligible purchases* 🎁

MOLIAE Royal Blue Nile River Collection gift Box Kit

Here's Why you should pre order the Blue Nile River Collection Today!

Blue Nile River Breeze Oil: this provides you with vegan for soothing effect on your whole body, cleanse, tone, and hydrate. Has many essential oils for prevention and cell regeneration. Also helps reduce scars, fine lines acne prone skin. And moisturizing for profound nutrient rich with vitamin C and E for that skin glow.

Atum Body Spray: this also rich with the finest essential oils. There's the Cucumber Hydrosol and bring relief to burns, reducing the feeling of tightens and pain the accompanies burns. And has the Orange Blossom and the Avocado oil that can refresh and hydrate Dry, Chapped or itchy skin. And The Blueberry Seed Oil helps moisturizes and nourishes, Reduces wrinkles and aging effect, Repairs damaged skin. Treats eczema and and a number of skin conditions And makes your skin look plump and firm.

Kingo Rays Body Cream: This body cream's deeply moisturizing to reduce dry, damaged skin making your skin soft as a feather. Hydrates and heals with anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil. Healing properties with essential oils infused. Immersed with Blueberries oil and Mango Butter and Shea butter and jojoba oil infused with the wave of goodness with frankincense that a routine moisturizer to sustain or restore younger and vibrant skin.

Arsa Salt Scrub: This product features healing properties and luxurious essential oils with fragrance with effectively exfoliation for the body in easy motion. This has vitamin E and anti bacteria and anti-inflammatory properties. And it has epsom salts that helps soften rough, dry skin and exfoliate dead skin cells. It may also sooth skin affected skin conditions. And orange oil not only has vitamin C but also helps fight inflammation and acne and keeps our skin fresh.

Face Cleanser Free with Coconut oil or almond oil: This applies deep nutrient rich elements in your skin to look younger, healthy, and grow. It softens rough patches on your skin when using aspu rise daily. Coconut oil is the star maker with Egyptian geranium sealing the deal for primed antioxidants antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory to enhance your face skin. And helps reduce dark spots for even tone appearance.

$59.95 Buy 1 Get 1 30% Free Shipping. If there's a 2nd order at the same day, then there'll be a $8.99 Surcharge.

here's the link moliaebeauty.com/collections/gift-box-kits/products/moliae-royal-blue-nile-collection-gift-kit

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Email; info@moliaebeauty.com


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