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You Deserve Luxury Healing. Our Natural Organic Essential Oils Heals, Beautify|🎁 Free Shipping on eligible purchases* 🎁

MB Love Royal Luxi Robe Bath Gift Box Kit is a game changer delivering gift of luxury healing | Shop Now

By: Nichel | MOLIAE Beauty Creator Director: Officially, we are releasing the PRIME Gift Box Kit that has a lot of love to gift give someone as well as nutrient rich products ingredients that will be a sure winner to the recipient. Filled pack with goodies from Egypt and abroad delivered in a 20x12x12 box to open up as a luxury oasis of goodies. Here are the scoop what you can gift give to someone else or for yourself, as everyone desires a luxury bath and in our PRIME LEVEL Gift Box Kit the MB Love Royal Luxi Robe Bath Gift Box Kit that soothes away their stress and opportunity to recharge and be the best person afterwards with clear, blemish free skin. 


| *Sale Prices start at $199.95 for singles and up, and for couples at $299 and up, shop now while preholiday discounts are available, if buying more than one contact us for special bulk discounts. Free Shipping on all orders. |


So why you will love it to shop now and get it before the sale ends? In this PRIME Level Gift Box Kit, you will receive the ultimate in luxury with a 5-star Hotel Luxury Waffle Robe for couples (2 you will get inside the gift box) or for singles (1 robe) that transcends your mood to enhance way that motivates you and encourages you to feel good on your journey to be the best you can be and able to do so. A nice warm luxury robe as in our Waffle Blue Nile Moon Robe is the ultimate way to indulge oneself for self-good-personal care and is vital for removing stress, depression, anxiety, for a rejuvenation. 



MOLIAE BEAUTY Love Royal Luxi Robe Bath Gift Box Kit

Further, we specialize in the luxury healing of Ancient Egypt traditions of our formula blends essential oils that are organic and natural from the earth we treasure and love so dearly that you get to choose which collections of our main three to choose from FREE! Either the MOLIAE Gold Aspu Collection or the Royal Blue Nile Collection for a wonderful enhanced experience of their antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and nutrient richness by adding it to your bath or after your bath to your body, feet, hands, face, and even your hair. 



MOLIAE Beauty Ankh Ra Aspu Collection

In each of our main collection, you get the overall body oil, like the "Ankh Ra 360" or the "Blue Nile River "Breeze" for a luxury healing application of amplifying the skin as well as the aromatherapy effect by both of them. Further, the body whipped cream, yes, what better way to have just because as the Royal Eternity that we will discuss later on will moisturize your whole body no need for what was use to be lotions but the body cream is the "Extra" we placed in our PRIME Level Gift Box kit for later on if you just want to place whipped cream of Sandalwood or Blueberries on your hands and even your nails, toes, feet. That gets us to the body spray included in the collection as a nice toner on the body after getting out of your bath that seals in everything on an amplified level also FREE in this PRIME LEVEL Gift Box. 


MOLIAE Beauty Royal Soaps Camel Milk Soaps


MOLIAE Beauty Blue Nile River Collection

We then move to lovely Royal Eternity that takes you back to the times of Ancient Egypt like Kings and Queens use to bathe to heal their body, skin wounds, and blemish for fabulous skin. We have two version, either the Camel Milk Oil or Camel Milk that pours out milky white. Either is fantastic nutrient richness that helps with Collagen production, and plumpness, fully moisturizes while ant inflammatory. So, basically, when you slide into your warm cozy bath with one of these you be in oasis odyssey of royalness. And, don't you deserve it? Of course you do, so get it !  As a super bonus, you will get 3 of our Royal Soaps FREE. Now, you know you to shop to get buy now :) 

MOLIAE Beauty Royal Eternity Camel Milk Bath Gift Box Kit 

MOLIAE Beauty gift box kits are designed to show the recipient the beauty of giving is the new 360 that heals while in a luxury oasis not even knowing the immediate rejuvenation, and healing effect taking place that does wonders for your mind, body, and soul looking for away to escape but with affordable and convenient means. In the MB Love Royal Luxi Robe Bath Gift Box Kit the recipient is surrounded with wonderful items in their gift box, including the much talked about Sweet Treasures box that comes in a beautiful brown mini box with faux leather handles that says it all : They are loved!  


MOLIAE Beauty Sweet Treasures Mini Gift Box


With so many goodies more to talk about, the biggest one to wrap up this discussion today is the music! What sets the tone for a lovely evening bathing with your sweetheart or just yourself if single is ...music. Well we provide a FREE telegram of talented RnB Singer with the option to order a custom made lyric melody inside with an added reasonable rate The sound of positive vibes will be sent mp3 file once the order is purchased and shipped for delivery, in anticipation for the arrival of your MB Love Royal Luxi Robe Bath Gift Box Kit  available now to purchase that you should shop now before the sale ends to send out as we ship within 24-48 hours in most locations, plus it is FREE Shipping due to it is PRIME Level Gift Box Kit. Yes!

What more can you ask for? Rewards points, if you haven't sign up do so to earn even more towards other luxury healing MOLIAE Beauty products now.  




Until next time



MOLIAE Beauty Writing Staff Team

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