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NEW PRODUCT Launch "Asra Sage" Transform Your Space: The Superlative Power of Sage Oil



Announcing a new product, the Asra Sage Oil Spray for removing negative energy and bring for positive vibes, aromatic therapy and more as the power of Sage in our oil spray with Lavender Hydrosol helps with your skincare routine plan to reduce stress as one of the hidden factors to sustaining healthy, clear blemish free skin. What is sage oil good for? Sage has a huge beneficial factor to your mood and removing negative energies around your space, body and mind thoughts, therefore, without love of blends we added in our Ancient Egypt recipe for lavender as a super booster for spa like at home, as you deserve this luxury healing of your environment, skincare regime, and sage oil spiritual benefits and for spiritual exercise either yoga, meditation, or exercise our blend will instantly get you there. 



In our new formulation, we included Copaiba for the Amazon rainforest that is stellar of a spicy and woodys scent for aromatic therapy, improving your mood, and antimicrobial, as well as, the power synergy to remove by cleansing the space with Sage oil that produces the effect you need. Recall, the stress is a hidden factor that can cause harm to your whole body, in our spray you can carry this with you wherever and you are good to go to keep moving to be your wonderful self and looking with clear, blemish free skin that you deserve in your skincare routine.


Arsa Sage Oil benefits include in a spray that is great as apart of creating a plan of action that includes ways to calm you, relaxing and rejuvenating after a day at work or whenever and that is where Sage comes into play. Smudging no longer has to be a lit branches of sage or incense, now you can have a Sage Oil Spray to have wherever and whenever you need to remove negative energy or just to get back positive vibes around you and your inner thinking. 

 We at MOLIAE Beauty wanted to create the Sage Oil Spray version for a quick way to get positive vibes at your work, home, or wherever fast and easy by spraying this the Sage is activated to do just that like in ancient times and in many civilizations that will uplift your mood, mind and purpose. By doing so, it releases stress that is a big hidden problem for skin issues as well health, so get your wealth in sage oil spray for amplifying your skincare routine action plan forward moving.


Until next time.


MOLIAE Blog Team

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