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What makes the “King In Me” lip oil great for men lips


MOLIAE Beauty KING IN ME Men Lip Oil


Men need soft lips too, so if you're a man that needs lip oil then buy our luxurious healing MOLIAE Beauty “King In Men” lip oil. This men lip oil has formula blend ingredients great for soften your lips. There's Moroccan Argan oil that helps protect lips from sun damage. Treats acne and a number of skin conditions and moisturizes lips.

We at MOLIAE Beauty is providing some new additional men lip oils after the initial launch of the first one to provide a packaged way in luxurious healing for men lips. Due to weather changes and lifestyle, men require a faster way to apply and heal as well as feel good that the lip oil is working. Not all men want the chapstick route and our men lip oil delivers by providing not a greasy or sticky feeling but a well-balanced organic ingredients to go deep into the lip skin.


Our collections of Men Lip Oils are now:

  • Men Lip Oil | the original one with Moroccan Argan Oil and Blueberry seed oil
  • Desert Royal | with Moroccan Argan Oil and Sandalwood
  • Nile Sapphire | with Moroccan Argan Oil, Blueberry Seed & Banana oil
  • Nubu Diamonds | with Hemp Oil and Egyptian Geraniums
  • Ruler King | with Moroccan Argan Oil and Frankincense

There's Blueberry seed oil That rejuvenates lip. Reduces Wrinkle and aging effects. Makes the look plump and firm, Moisturizes, and nourishes the lips and repair lip damage. And Bergamot that the most powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, making it an effective tonic for live blemishes and bacterial induced pore clogging. Our Men Lip oils give men a nature moisturized lips and nourishes to repair lip damage. Along with our Moroccan Argan Oil and Frankincense with other ingredients aforementioned, our King In Me Collection of lip oils deliver the most powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties within our signature formula blend.

Then, Blueberry Seed oil and Bergamot essential oil that organically helps to heal deeply under a men's lips layers for a real hydrate effect longtime during the day. Bergamot essential oil helps protect and smooth your lips. It also absorbs easily and minimizes severally dried, flaky, peeling skin, and painful blisters away fast. Kings don't have time to moisturize and feed their lip skins because they have decisions to make and business too -get it done! This Blueberry Seed Men Lip Oil is great for healthy-looking lips. It relieves chapped lips and makes lips look softer fast.

Additionally, we the organic and natural avocado oil that furthers heal men chapped lips, replenish dry lips, moisturize, and hydrate men lips. King In Me Collection aims to satisfy every need of the ruler in men and ancient traditions utilizes fruits and herbs to amplify one’s skin, thus, in our organic Blueberry seed oil rejuvenates men lips layer by layer with all day coverage. In doing so, the blueberry seed oil alone helps to reduce irritation as anti-inflammatory properties instill a barrier during difficult weather conditions.

Further, we use organic and natural hemp oil with Moroccan Argan oil can further heal men chapped lips, replenish dry lips to a natural healthy lip appearance, while at the same time moisturize, and hydrate men lips. King In Me Collection Men Lip oil provides the rulers the prestige that is deserving, so they can attend to their everyday duties of leadership with our signature blend to get soft and nurtured-enriched lips during a busy day.

Let your lips get hydrated, heal, and rejuvenate to the royally it deserves with our "King In Me" collection. 


| **Purchase your own "King In Me" Men Lip Oils here.


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MOLIAE Beauty Blog Staff

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