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The Art of Giving: Mastering MOLIAE Beauty's Gift Box Kit Selection


MOLIAE Beauty Gift Box Kits Royalty

How to choose which Gift Box Kits of MOLIAE Beauty well there are many fun, luxurious, and beautiful gift boxes here at MOLIAE Beauty to choose from to send to someone or for yourself. We will breakdown each Royal Basket goodies of gift box kits to assist you in what is the best option for your preference, needs and style for the occasion.

Let's get started in a quick but detailed clarified way:

In the realm of gifting, where elegance meets thoughtfulness, MOLIAE Beauty unveils a collection of meticulously curated Gift Box Kits. These exquisite packages are more than just presents; they are an embodiment of sophistication, care, and the art of personalization. If you've ever wondered how to transform a simple gift into a regal experience, look no further – MOLIAE Beauty's Gift Box Kits are your answer.


Understanding the Royal Baskets

Gifting Grace: Unveiling MOLIAE Beauty's Signature Gift Box Kits

At MOLIAE Beauty, we recognize that the art of gifting extends beyond the mere exchange of items. It's about capturing the essence of an occasion, the spirit of the receiver, and packaging it with finesse. Our Gift Box Kits are structured into three distinctive Royal Baskets, each catering to different needs, preferences, and occasions.


Royal Basket #1: Customizable and Personalized Gifts

The Art of Giving: Mastering MOLIAE Beauty's Gift Box Kit Selection

This basket is akin to a lavish salad bar, allowing you to customize your gift box according to your budget and the receiver's taste. From the petite Starter Kit at $25.95 to the opulent MOLIAE Gold Ankh Ra Aspu Kit at $189.95, these gift boxes offer a variety of products and themes. Moreover, our new addition, an elegant all-white clamshell glow box, elevates your gifting experience, making it truly memorable.

 MOLIAE Beauty Gift Box Kits

Royal Basket #2: Seasonal and Special Occasion Gifts

Regal Radiance: MOLIAE Beauty's Gift Boxes - A Tale of Beauty and Care

This basket comes alive during specific holidays like Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas, and Kwanzaa. Tailored to the spirit of the season, these themed gift boxes feature exclusive deals and savings, adding an extra layer of delight to your gifting experience. While these deals are fleeting, the charm they bring lasts a lifetime.


Royal Basket #3: Signature Themed Collections

Majestic Presents: Decoding MOLIAE Beauty's Enchanting Gift Boxes

These curated collections are a testament to our commitment to excellence. Whether it's the MOLIAE Gold Aspu Collection, the Royal Blue Nile River Collection, the King In Me Collection, or the upcoming Emerald Palace Collection, each themed box is a masterpiece. Packed with complimentary items and the essence of the respective collection, these boxes redefine the meaning of thoughtful gifting.


How to Choose the Perfect Gift Box

Beyond Beauty: A Guide to MOLIAE Beauty's Perfectly Curated Gift Boxes

Selecting the ideal gift box is an art, and at MOLIAE Beauty, we simplify this process. Begin with the reason for your gift – is it a holiday, a birthday, or a special occasion? Match the season and the spirit of the event to the corresponding Royal Basket. For instance, if you're celebrating Father's Day, explore Royal Basket #2 and #3 to find the perfect match for the occasion. Align the purpose and the season, and let the options guide you effortlessly.


Personalization and Presentation

Wrapped in Splendor: Navigating MOLIAE Beauty's Gift Box Kit Selection

We understand that gifting is not just about the items but also about the presentation. That's why we offer exquisite wrapping options, including royal blue ribbons, honeydew browns, and gold accents, creating a visual delight for the receiver. Our attention to detail ensures that your gift arrives as a work of art, reflecting the care and thoughtfulness you put into it.


In the world of gifting, MOLIAE Beauty's Gift Box Kits are a beacon of sophistication and personal touch. Each box tells a story, not just of the products it contains but also of the love and consideration behind the gesture. Elevate your gifting experience, explore the Royal Baskets, and let MOLIAE Beauty redefine the way you express your care and affection. After all, in the art of gifting, true beauty lies in the details.


Our Recap How To Order | What Are Your Options:


MOLIAE Beauty Gift Box Kits are in three main royal baskets for simplification in choosing with your purchase MOLIAE Beauty products and for the breakdown as well as understanding of your options, thus, our gift box kits offer different amenities, purpose for reason gift giving or seasonal, and price range to choose from for your section.

 MOLIAE Beauty Gift Boxes

Royal basket # 1:  The main four levels of MOLIAE Gift Box Kits that you can (a) customize (b) personalized. You can think of this Royal Basket option as a salad bar: for a certain price point for that gift box, you can have "certain number of products items" in your gift box and that can fit, select product line into that box kit - they are:

(Starter kit is for small size or sample size at $25.95)

The 4 main gift box kits

  1. Chocolate Aspu kit $55.99
  2. Aspu Pyra  kit $79.95
  3. Nile River kit $$89.95
  4. MOLIAE Gold Ankh Ra Aspu kit $189.95 (allows 4 gift kits of everything)
  • (Our recent new gift box is an all white clamshell glow that is ideal for our jade rollers and body oils or our new foot oil, nail cuticle oil with our foot oil lotion that can fit and we can add luxurious ribbon and bow FREE for you - image shown above in the middle of the flyer)
  • (These gift box kits are stationary for 365 days a year available)


Royal basket # 2:  MOLIAE Gift Box kits are seasonal so the theme and deals of savings are more emphases during specific holidays like Valentine's Day, Easter, Xmas, Kwanza, but these deals don't last long as the above Royal basket #! are stationary 365 days a year available.

MOLIAE Beauty Chocolate Aspu Gift Box Kits


Royal basket # 3: Collections of MOLIAE have their own unique gift box kits that provide either a free additional product along with the specified collection items, for example, the MOLIAE Gold Ankh Ra Apsu gift box kit has the Ankh Ra 360 Body, Egyptian Netru Body Spray and Royalty Gold Whipped Cream - now with the "Gift Kit" Set you can have FREE either one or two items in that gift box, such as, the Facial Cleanser (plus) the Arsa Luxurious Bath or Show Himalayan Salt Scrub! that can save you over $80 if purchased individually. In addition, you can have the choice either in the Gold Pyra Luxurious Gift Box or our Chocolate Aspu Box.

Currently we have the following MOLIAE Beauty Collections with signature gift box kits available:

  1. MOLIAE Gold Aspu Collection Gift Box Kit
  2. Royal Blue Nile River Collection Gift Box Kit
  3. King In Me Collection Gift Box Kit 
  4. Topaz Oasis Queen Collection Gift Box Kit

(The Emerald Palace is still in creation mode for full release, stay tune :)

 MOLIAE Beauty Gold Pyra Gift Box Kit



Quick Get In The Know:

How To Choose Which One?  - Start with your reason for gift giving, such as, it is for a holiday gift for a man than go with the Royal Basket #2 to see whats being offered and then compare to the Royal Basket #3 of the signature themed Collection of King In Me, where you can't go wrong. 

What is the best way to decide out of the three main Royal Baskets of options for anybody? - If you think of first what time of year you are in looking for a gift box that is easy to purchase and give, such as, Valentine's Day than Royal Basket #2 is where to look first and then work your way to the other Royal Baskets #1 and #2 to compare or narrow down your options. Let's say the time of year is Father's Day, you can check out what we have under Royal Basket #2 and #3, same if it is Mother's Day. 

The takeaway, you start from why you are looking aligning to the time of year to which Royal Basket is the best "first" option to decide and work your way to the others if that is needed. Let's say you are looking for a birthday gift, then we highly suggest to go to Royal Basket #3 of our Collection signature gift baskets and if needed to get more options go to Royal Basket #1. You see? It is like 'matching up' to the reason why you are looking for -plus- the time of year the season. :) 

Do you offer wrapping the gift? - Yes we do and carry a classic royal touch of our royal blue ribbon, browns, sparkle ribbon, wrapping paper of honey dew browns and gold with dazzled bows that we can send you pictures of the completed look.

 If you need additional assistance in deciding or questions, let us know by contacting us as we are here to help you as your personal shopper to assure you get the right gift - in the right box for a wonderful presentation upon arrival. 


All the best,

MOLIAE Beauty Staff

Email; info@moliaebeauty.com




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