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You Deserve Luxury Healing. Our Natural Organic Essential Oils Heals, Beautify|🎁 Free Shipping on eligible purchases* 🎁

How to keep soft moisturized lips

We are busy managing our lives and family that often times a quick application of chapstick or lipstick will not accomplish the goal for moisturized lips that lasts. It is an ongoing effort by us to make the commitment in making sure we apply the “right moisturizer” – so lets face it as we get older (I know the twenty-years old thinking they have plenty of time to start constant maintenance of our skin …[I am smiling while sipping my herbal tea] ) but the fact is one day real soon before you reach thirty – WAM! You look in the mirror and scream “What is that near my mouth or nose…or worse eyes. The key to accomplishing the desired beautiful young skin – by many professionals in cosmetics and beauty industry … yeah, you guess it:


“You got to stay moisturize, baby-boo!”


Once you figure out your type of skin and other unique things about how your skin:


 (a) monitor how dry and cracked skin lips react to different environments


(b) how your skin lips responds to certain products ingredients for the lips – then you can start the other ongoing things to make your youthful skin last. Although, scientist says it is gravity that constant pulls the skin downward – I for one feel that with the right mother-nature formula, diet, and exercise … anything is possible to have both full, soft and luxues lips and skin.

So, let’s get to a quick way to stay on track to having nice smooth and healthy skin no matter our shade the point is once you can implement your right formula mix … the skies the limit to being in your nineties and beyond looking like the new 50 is the 30! Ha! Someone, I know somewhere saying “Say what? Stop it! But do tell!”


1). Get you some rest. No excuses. Your nap time should be the new cookie that you often want to eat but can’t. You need at least 8 hours.

2). Drink your water. I know you know. We all know. Yet, here we are.

3). If you didn’t know, the last rave is essential natural oils. Get you some my sisters and brothers of this universe.

4) Speaking of essential oils, you have to know your skin type : is oily or dry, perhaps you are a combination of them. The suggestion from MOLIAE Beauty is that you use a journal or good note taking technique to study how your skin behaves in the morning, afternoon, before you go to bed to know when to apply your special essential oil products.

5) Aim for some type of essential oil or essential oil blend that provides some type of moisturizer if not in it then add a separate product that has it for application. Believe it or not using some while sleeping helps keep your skin younger and smooth looking.




For Women:

Try our new Lip Oils in different blends here: shop lip oils

For Men:

Try our men lip balm that also can use on your beard or goatee if applicable and get you one here: shop balm


We here at MOLIAEBeauty.com care about your skin because it is the most important apart of our human body that keeps us sheltered and oooh-soo looking good. We owe it to our skin to aim for the best products that deliver the best skin.



MOLIAE Beauty specialize in essential oils and cream that foster a synergy to our formula that assists in healing, nurturing, and amplifying your skin to look younger and healthier.


Our signature blend “Ankh Ra 360” is our Royalty in a Bottle with hyper-moisturized essential oil blend, that your skin craves to super-charge nutrient rich skin complexion longterm.

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