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Current Plan

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Charity | NK Village Kids Non-Profit creates a wonderful educational summer camp for kids

In our community focus initiative, the NK Village Kids Non-Profit creates an educational summer camp for kids in North Carolina, USA with programs that assists in inner children pathway to greater things in their community. By knowing thyself, we all benefit from having the means to learn and grow without the worry of necessities required to do so and NK Village Kids initiative does that with a supportive leader and volunteers.

The Kids

  • Target 60 urban youth who exemplify a need for structured guidance and a willingness to learn something that may be different from the norm
  • Introduce alternative paths to becoming successful citizens with life altering skills and knowledge
  • Introduce a broad spectrum of skills, disciplines and ideas that lend themselves to success

Our approach

  • Teach the basics of aforementioned skills, disciplines and ideas and equip students with the means to pursue them in the form of books, e-books, links, and avenues to post secondary education.
  • Create a scholarship fund for participants
  • Select 10 students at a time to come to camp for 2 week sessions for 12 weeks in the summer for a total of 60 students per summer.
  • Session will include basics on the following but not limited to

What we teach

  • Introduction to financial literacy
  • Introduction to real estate investing
  • Introduction to sports management
  • Introduction to entertainment management
  • Introduction to behind the scenes entertainment disciplines i.e production, writing, directing, crew, talent acquisition
  • Introduction to basic agriculture


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