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⭐MOLIAE Beauty Gift Box Kit "Chocolate Aspu" $55.99

⭐MOLIAE Beauty Gift Box Kit "Chocolate Aspu" $55.99

⭐MOLIAE Beauty Gift Box Kit "Chocolate Aspu" $55.99

Regular price $55.99 Sale price $35.75

You want the perfect starter gift as well as try out some products in the smaller sizes? You want give a variety of MOLIAE Beauty products to someone or even yourself? Select one of our Gift Box Kits starting at $55.99. The Gift Box Kit "Chocolate Aspu" at $55.99 you can get up to 3 items, excludes the Ankh Ra 360 and the Green Collection.

a) Custom orders are available and once your order is placed, a checklist to available items and/or collection will be provided for your selection into this level gift box kit up to 3 items. 

b) *Or, you can make your selections of preference in your order special instructions  section, otherwise, the 1 body oil Blue Nile River Breeze, 1 body cream and 1 Arsa Sea Salt Scrub will be selected in the Chocolate Aspu brown gift box.  [Soap will count as one to add another item. This gift box kit excludes the Ankh Ra 360 body oil and the Emerald Palace Collection].

Available items to select up to 3 max:

Arsa Sea Salt Scrub

Facial Cleanser - Sweet Almond & Vanilla 

Facial Cleanser - Coconut and Egyptian Geranium

Black Sandstone Soap (set of 2) 

Gold Bars Soap (set of 2)

Egyptian Roses Soap (set of 2)

Rubies of the Valley Soap (set of 2)

Valley of Waves (set of 2)

Smaller size body oils (max up to 2)

Body cream (1 per box)

Lip oils 

Lip balms

Beard Oils

Beard balm

Exclude all apparel and non-beauty items.






"The body oil Ankh Ra 360 is awesome and I have recommend this to my family and friends. It is a luxury oil blend that soothes my skin and make it glow like the best it has in a long time.

Helen R.

"The bath salts, OMG!! The whole family love this. It is amazing and the aroma is like your near the nile river! It is amazing, I will more.

The Addis Family

"The King In Me collection of the beard balm and beard oil is awesome in the ability to hold, style and smooth for great manageability.

Todd W.
Natural Organic Vegan
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