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⭐Blue Nile Of Kingo Rays - Body Cream

⭐Blue Nile Of Kingo Rays - Body Cream

⭐Blue Nile Of Kingo Rays - Body Cream

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Whipped Cream of Royalty immersed with organic Blueberries oil, Mango Butter and Shea Butter of added Jojoba oil infused through wave of goodness with Frankincense - that embarks a routine moisturizer to sustain or restore younger, vibrant skin. Keep it simple is to know thyself of basic soothing and herbal elements for breathtaking skin with a citrus and floral but woody scent. 

Our Whipped Body Cream to provide you with:

✅ moisturizing deeply to reduce dry, damaged for skins oft as a feather skin

✅ anti-oxidants packed of luxurious body cream for the whole body

✅ hydrates and heals with anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil

✅ healing properties with essential oils infused

✅ nutrient rich of Vitamin E added


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"The body oil Ankh Ra 360 is awesome and I have recommend this to my family and friends. It is a luxury oil blend that soothes my skin and make it glow like the best it has in a long time.

Helen R.

"The bath salts, OMG!! The whole family love this. It is amazing and the aroma is like your near the nile river! It is amazing, I will more.

The Addis Family

"The King In Me collection of the beard balm and beard oil is awesome in the ability to hold, style and smooth for great manageability.

Todd W.
Natural Organic Vegan
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