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Why You Need A Body Exfoliation

By Influencer;  Chioma Schmitz 

| Luxury. That's my word of the year. When we hear that word, our brain imagines big cars, massive houses and bling-bling. While these might be one facet of luxury, there is another facet to it, which I will be sharing with you all in today's post. 

The correlation between body exfoliation and luxury might be nonexistent for you, but I am here to convince you otherwise. Self-care is an act of luxury, which we should romanticise as well. By using Topaz Oasis Brown Sugar Body Scrub by MOLIAE Beauty you will experience the luxury of skincare in all its entirety. 



Exfoliation is a process of getting rid of the dead skin cells either by using physical exfoliators (grainy-textured substances ) or by chemical exfoliation, which entails using safe-for-skin acids that chemically dissolve the dead skin cells and reveal new dewy skin. There are other types of exfoliation which should only be carried out by professionals (estheticians or dermatologists) and they include Microdermabrasion and Dermaplaning. 




Exfoliation has many skin benefits: 

1. It unclogs Pores. Imagine having old skin cells at the surface of your skin which clogs your pores and prevents your skin care products from penetrating deep into your skin. It sounds gross. Right? Then exfoliate your skin because old skin cell seals the pores and the production of oil by the sebaceous gland helps the dead skin to stick to our skin, till we make a conscious effort to get rid of them by exfoliating! 

2. It helps prevent and reduce the appearances of acne

3. Exfoliating your skin helps the other skincare products to penetrate deeper. When no barriers are preventing the penetration of skin care products, our skin absorbs them faster and in return, we notice a huge difference in the overall health of our skin. 

4. It boosts Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage by stimulating oxygen-rich blood cells to nourish the skin. 

5. When you exfoliate your skin, you detoxify your skin at the same time and enable increase in cell turnover. By so doing, you boost your skin radiance because healthy cells are at the surface of your skin. 

6. It helps to stimulate collagen synthesis to improve skin texture. You can also encourage this by taking your Collagen tablet every day. This is very important because our body stops producing collagen at a particular age ( from 25 years) which is why you notice wrinkles and fine lines at a certain point. Exfoliating and taking your collagen tablets, keep your skin looking plump, tight and youthful. It offers anti-ageing benefits and enhances the penetration of age-fighting vitamins into the skin. 

7. You will a noticeably glow after exfoliating your skin, because the dead skin cells have been taken off and the new skin is now visible. 



Using skin-nourishing exfoliates like Topaz Oasis from Moliae beauty is a must. I highly recommend this body scrub because it doesn’t strip the body of its moisture after exfoliation, rather, it infuses the body with more moisture and keeps it supple. This is possible because of the ingredients such as organic avocado oil, lotus essential oil, Organic coconut oil, jasmine essential oil and vitamin E oil it contains. 

 Brown Sugar Body Scrub | Brown Sugar Scrub | MOLIAE Beauty


Apply this body scrub on a damp body by gently distributing it all over your body, afterwards, wash it off with a lukewarm water and pat dry your skin 

Then apply your Ankh Ra 360 oil from Moliae beauty which is a luxurious oil that keeps your body supple and healthy. 

I wish you all an amazing week and thanks for reading.

Chioma Schmitz


  • Malachi Anderson

    Hey Ms. Schmitz. Great Article love it. And I hope you like the changes I added to the article you had. Enjoy.

  • Princess

    Nice article 👍🏾

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